Keto Cheese Wrap

I have been doing Keto on and off for a few months. I can do a whole extra blog on why I found it good for me to use in my Low Carb Cycling. But for now, This post is to share my no/low carb replacement for tortilla/wrap options.

Side Note: this is my first attempt at sharing a video I created on YouTube. I am running on the basis that I should start somewhere so that I can get better! (Be gentle inter-world-Be gentle)

How To Make a Cheese Wrap Cheese Wrap 

Macros! Macros! Macros! The video shows me making a “Large” Wrap using 2 servings of Pre-shredded Mozzarella cheese. Depending on your Macros and needs, you should use the amount of Cheese that best fits your daily goals.


2 weighted servings of cheese (mozzarella, cheddar, Parmesan can be used)

Optional – you can add some seasoning to this layer. A scant amount will go a long way.


  1. Weigh your cheese serving (s) using a food scale (If you are counting Macros strictly)
  2. Lay your cheese on parchment paper in an even single layer. (You want very little to no overlap at this step.)
  3. Place the cheese and parchment paper in your microwave
  4. Depending on your microwave cook 45 – 60 seconds.
  5. Microwaves vary. You will have to find the time that what works best for your unit that gives you the desired result
    * If you want a crispier texture out of the Mozzarella Wrap – add 10 seconds at a time until you yield your desired crisp
  6. Once cooked – you want to build your wrap fast so that its flexible enough for you to wrap as desired.
    * a crispy wrap like Parmesan cheese has to be moved very fast or else you will get a complete crumble (still delicious tho)

Give it a try! Let me know what you think!

❤ Monica

The Box Top Momma

I will preface this by saying – I AM NOT A COUPONER-

But I do want to be one in the worst way! I have a giving heart the size of Texas, and the time and wallet the size of Rhode Island.

Today I found myself in an accidental couponing zone. I think I fell into Novice Couponer territory as of today, and now I want more!

My Daughters School collects Box Tops. If you’re not familiar with Box Tops for Education it’s a program where schools can earn extra money to help support their programs. The school gets .10 cents per box top turned in.

I have been on the hunt. You can’t tell someone who loves to collect and plays major MMORPG’s just to farm, that they need to collect something. To me this is the most epic of Mommy Quests!

To-date I have collected 215 box tops this year! I am pretty proud of that! I would like to hit 500! Now I think I can!

So here I was – at Duane Reade picking up a few things when it hit me to check my Box Top App. That’s when the inspiration struck

I earned a total of 18 Box Tops in the photo below and spent $8.94 to do it – Let me explain how!

Duane Reade offers Balance Rewards. Often if you spend $25 or more they offer you $5.00 in store credit on your next visit. On that next visit you are welcomed to redeem your points however you like. What I love is that you are able to stack these points.

So I completed 2 Transactions

Transaction 1:

The Cereal was on sale for $3.49 a box when you use your store card
2 Boxes @ $3.49 was a total of $6.98
At checkout apply your $5.00 store credit
Total Final Cost: $1.98
Box tops Earned: 6 (2 via the packaging and 4 from using the Box Top App!)

Transaction 2:

I purchased 4 boxes of the Annie’s Mac n Cheese (no sale here – Bummer)
Each box @ $2.99 was a total of $11.96
At checkout apply your $5.00 store credit
Total Final Cost: $6.96
Box tops Earned: 12 (4 via the packaging and 8 from using the Box Top App!)

This was the first time I have ever hit a zone and it made sense. This is the start of something wonderful! Where are my coupon friends! Help me reach my goal of 100 box tops via the App!

Using the Box Top App

It could not be simpler! From the App you select the item you want to claim your Box Top Credits for, then the app Takes a photo (scans your receipt).
Once the receipt is processed – your credit goes straight to the school!

Box Top even doubles points by shopping at certain stores! So I will be on the look out for Stop-&-Shop deals to increase these cents for my daughters School. The donations of these box tops go to help fund the First Catholic School to have a Hydroponics Lab in a NYC!

How Foodie Are you? Adopt a Truffle Tree – type Foodie?

I like to consider myself a pretty big Food Enthusiast. I am excited when people are finding new ways to bring the once mysterious or seriously hard to get items to the mainstream.

I hold back no secrets when I tell people my dream is to give up the city for a bit of land and become a Farmer with a quality market. I even flirt with the idea of becoming a certified butcher to ensure I am processing and inspecting the quality myself.

So to my delight I was just was introduced to this amazing Farmer! I love farmers! My Favorite Food Personality Chef Steven Cusato shouted out one of his Patreons , Page Pardo after receiving a beautiful Truffle from her farm! Page is doing something I have never heard of before! You can adopt a Truffle Tree and receive wonderful product from your tree! This is such an awesome thing. I love love love a good subscription box. But this – This is a Food Enthusiast’s best wish come true!

Page Pardo and Carll the Llama showing love on duty

Page’s Wonderland is 230 acres of pastures, food plots, woods and trails. Gorgeous lookout points where you can see for miles. A lake jumpin’ with big fish, and swans a swimming. A sweet old farmhouse and place to gather. A private island, complete with lluxury bell tent, dining table, fire pit, rock ledge…and twinkle lights. A surprising secluded oasis right on the border of St. Louis County. Run by a motley crew spanning scores of species, from cows to chickens. Ponies to peacocks. And, of course, llamas.

She hopes you come visit them soon for one of there magical events – or let them host an enchanting private event just for you.

Have a wonderful time and support small, sustainable farming all at once.

Also – There’s cow cuddling… PEOPLE COW CUDDLING … If I run away – you’ll find me here… Cow Cuddling.

Please follow Page and her dreams at This Wonder Land  on Instagram or peruse her website that feels luxurious, mysterious and fun. I know I will.

Dear Page, I love what you’re doing and cannot wait to see how this continues! ❤

The House Blend – Adobo

Note to Self:  When you say your blog is going to drop tonight – you should first note how long it’s going to take for your Google Photos to update so that you can add your images right to your blog without having to do a million extra steps! Always learning in Hindsight! Such is life!

If you’re Latino (or Latino Infused) you know Adobo. It’s about 1/3 of your genetic composition. So many different cultures use the term adobo and have their own spin to this crazy flash of flavor that makes food — FOOD WORTH EATING!


We know this brand – some people make the synomous connection between Goya and Adobo. There’s a wide range of variety for this ingredient. I don’t find them all to be equal – and a lot of times, not worth it. But Luckily for me, It also doesn’t matter. Cultural brainwashing is a thing. Even though I rarely ever use this container of “magic powder” (as my loving daughter calls it) I just can’t not have one around.

Let’s look at the ingredients that make up Goya Adobo

Salt – Granulated Garlic Powder – Some stuff I can’t pronounce -Oregano – Black Pepper – Turmeric.

Now, Let’s Look at making our own! With stuff we can pronounce and ingredients we can control the quality of. This is the step where you can choose all organic – or smoked garlic instead of regular garlic. Add a touch extra of a specific flavor you love! (So many possibilities)

This is in the order of ingredient importance to making a spanish style Adobo. (onion powder is optional, coriander is optional)img_7839[1]

I make a batch about once a month. I don’t use adobo in everything I cook. So this batch quantity lasts me at least a month.

Monica’s Homemade Adobo


3 – 4 Tablespoons of Course Pink Himalayan Salt (This is to each users preference – I use 3 and a smidge in my batch)

1/2 Cup of Granulated Garlic

1/4 cup Dried Oregano

2 Teaspoons of Fresh Cracked Pepper

1 Tablespoons of  Granulated Onion Powder

2 Tablespoons of Tumeric

2 Teaspoons of Toasted Coriander Seeds

Place all the ingredients in a blender and blend until all seasonings have combined down to a fine powder.

I use my single serve Ninja Smoothie cup to create my Adobo. It’s the perfect size to process my individual batches.

The results are pretty awesome! The image on the left is the store bough Goya Adobo. The Photo on the Right is my home made mix! Most people wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. Blending the ingredients makes all the difference.

This Adobo is the perfect base to get creative! Try and make a SPICY Adobo! Add a bit of Cayenne pepper and blow your own mind!  🙂


On Facebook I promised ADOBO”S” Like Multiple! So here is the Second House Blend! (This is my most used seasoning)

A large percentage of the time – I use my own house seasoning. I make the base seasoning below MINUS salt. This allows me to control the salt content of each dish.

Monica’s House Season

0 salt

1/4 cup Granulated Garlic

3 Tablespoons Smoked Chili Powder (This is not spicy)

3 Tablespoons of Dried Oregano

2 Tablespoons of Dried Thyme

2  Teaspoons of Fresh Cracked Black Pepper

Mix all ingredients in a jar and set to the side. Shake your container each time before use.


The first step to great food is great flavor! Don’t be afraid to make some seasoning mixes of your own and make your cooking something that is instinctively yours!  ~.M<3

My Foodie eye to the streets, these are Channels I’m super into this week! Check them out!

Not Another Cooking Show

Sauce Stache

Seonkyoung Longest

New Year – Same Me – Same Shit I learned last year that I keep pretending I didnt… Blah


One of the hardest things to do as an adult is to face a new year and wonder if you will trip over the same stones you did the previous year.

No new me in 2019. I very much like the current me. It’s a great version of me! (albeit 60lbs heavier than I should be) But I like to think of it as some life lessons I’m still carrying with me that I haven’t quite found the place to set down just yet.

I stopped making resolutions in 2018. I did that because 2017 was a bit of an awakening for me. I went through my own personal Renaissance. I enlightened the shit out of myself.

I did something that most people never want to do.

I admitted that a majority of my problems are my fault.
I admitted that when someone may have done something against me, my choice of reactions and path becomes ultimately my choosing. and If I don’t like the outcome – that would be my own fault.
I admitted that choosing to lay blame in someone else and then forever falling victim to the pain that causes again is my own fault. I handed the power of my happiness over to someone who did me wrong.

As a child – there is very little control over the wrongs an adult commits. A child has to float with the tide of it all, fight the fights that these wrongs create in their small worlds. Then bare the emotional, mental, and spiritual battle wounds it creates.

That child is then expected to grow up and be functional. See the world the way other adults see it. Some adults who don’t wear the scars of a childhood left unprotected.

Now don’t get me wrong – There is such a thing as being so beaten down that you just function differently. That there is so much resentment and anger that it takes permanent structure in your life. You end up wiring your brain to accept that as part of your function.

But then you age and try to figure out why it has to be this way.  There’s a tiny voice that says – It doesn’t. Its faint enough for you to consider it. It makes you strong enough to decide to start a new journey. A long journey. A difficult journey. The Journey to find your center. In that center is your Zen and the voice. That Zen holds the healing power of 100 gods. But, it will be the hardest journey you will ever travel.

It will be worth it. Grab a hand of the strongest figure in your life. Say no sorries for the version of you they may witness during your journey and fight the good fight. Go get your Zen.

Healing is the most painful thing you will do. Don’t shy away from it. Embrace it and run to it.

Happy New Year Friends.

~Written from the center of my Zen.