I’m a native New Yorker. Born and raised in this city that never sleeps. I use to find that so exciting until I became a mom of two that …Never Sleep.. Life is full of irony.

By day I’m a Latina in Information Technology. Spending the last 5 years braving the dangers of Human Capital Procurement and using all these fancy VMS Solutions as my weapon of choice.


By Morning/Noon/Night I am the Mom of 2 beautiful and smart babies. I love to cook – try new cuisines – buy ingredients and herbs I’ve never used and try to hide them in food and tell my family it’s the same stuff they’ve been eating. Doesn’t always work.

I am also a double potter! I am a Instant Pot Guru and an Air Fryer Mavrick! Come follow me as I try new recipes and prove there’s nothing I can’t cook in my pots.
Tag along as I try to brave my day to day. Mothering, Cooking, and IT’ing .. It’s fun! It’s always a little crazy – and no two days are ever the same!