The Box Top Momma

I will preface this by saying – I AM NOT A COUPONER-

But I do want to be one in the worst way! I have a giving heart the size of Texas, and the time and wallet the size of Rhode Island.

Today I found myself in an accidental couponing zone. I think I fell into Novice Couponer territory as of today, and now I want more!

My Daughters School collects Box Tops. If you’re not familiar with Box Tops for Education it’s a program where schools can earn extra money to help support their programs. The school gets .10 cents per box top turned in.

I have been on the hunt. You can’t tell someone who loves to collect and plays major MMORPG’s just to farm, that they need to collect something. To me this is the most epic of Mommy Quests!

To-date I have collected 215 box tops this year! I am pretty proud of that! I would like to hit 500! Now I think I can!

So here I was – at Duane Reade picking up a few things when it hit me to check my Box Top App. That’s when the inspiration struck

I earned a total of 18 Box Tops in the photo below and spent $8.94 to do it – Let me explain how!

Duane Reade offers Balance Rewards. Often if you spend $25 or more they offer you $5.00 in store credit on your next visit. On that next visit you are welcomed to redeem your points however you like. What I love is that you are able to stack these points.

So I completed 2 Transactions

Transaction 1:

The Cereal was on sale for $3.49 a box when you use your store card
2 Boxes @ $3.49 was a total of $6.98
At checkout apply your $5.00 store credit
Total Final Cost: $1.98
Box tops Earned: 6 (2 via the packaging and 4 from using the Box Top App!)

Transaction 2:

I purchased 4 boxes of the Annie’s Mac n Cheese (no sale here – Bummer)
Each box @ $2.99 was a total of $11.96
At checkout apply your $5.00 store credit
Total Final Cost: $6.96
Box tops Earned: 12 (4 via the packaging and 8 from using the Box Top App!)

This was the first time I have ever hit a zone and it made sense. This is the start of something wonderful! Where are my coupon friends! Help me reach my goal of 100 box tops via the App!

Using the Box Top App

It could not be simpler! From the App you select the item you want to claim your Box Top Credits for, then the app Takes a photo (scans your receipt).
Once the receipt is processed – your credit goes straight to the school!

Box Top even doubles points by shopping at certain stores! So I will be on the look out for Stop-&-Shop deals to increase these cents for my daughters School. The donations of these box tops go to help fund the First Catholic School to have a Hydroponics Lab in a NYC!

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