How Foodie Are you? Adopt a Truffle Tree – type Foodie?

I like to consider myself a pretty big Food Enthusiast. I am excited when people are finding new ways to bring the once mysterious or seriously hard to get items to the mainstream.

I hold back no secrets when I tell people my dream is to give up the city for a bit of land and become a Farmer with a quality market. I even flirt with the idea of becoming a certified butcher to ensure I am processing and inspecting the quality myself.

So to my delight I was just was introduced to this amazing Farmer! I love farmers! My Favorite Food Personality Chef Steven Cusato shouted out one of his Patreons , Page Pardo after receiving a beautiful Truffle from her farm! Page is doing something I have never heard of before! You can adopt a Truffle Tree and receive wonderful product from your tree! This is such an awesome thing. I love love love a good subscription box. But this – This is a Food Enthusiast’s best wish come true!

Page Pardo and Carll the Llama showing love on duty

Page’s Wonderland is 230 acres of pastures, food plots, woods and trails. Gorgeous lookout points where you can see for miles. A lake jumpin’ with big fish, and swans a swimming. A sweet old farmhouse and place to gather. A private island, complete with lluxury bell tent, dining table, fire pit, rock ledge…and twinkle lights. A surprising secluded oasis right on the border of St. Louis County. Run by a motley crew spanning scores of species, from cows to chickens. Ponies to peacocks. And, of course, llamas.

She hopes you come visit them soon for one of there magical events – or let them host an enchanting private event just for you.

Have a wonderful time and support small, sustainable farming all at once.

Also – There’s cow cuddling… PEOPLE COW CUDDLING … If I run away – you’ll find me here… Cow Cuddling.

Please follow Page and her dreams at This Wonder Land  on Instagram or peruse her website that feels luxurious, mysterious and fun. I know I will.

Dear Page, I love what you’re doing and cannot wait to see how this continues! ❤

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