Homemade Cold Brew Cold Foam Coffee

Every morning before Coffee I recite the the bad guy A-nom mantra:

“I’m bad. And that’s good. I will never be good. And that’s not bad. There’s no one I’d rather be than me.”

ColdBrewThen… I have coffee.. Then I’m a good guy. and that’s not bad.

In the last month I have very shamefully spent my children’s first year college tuition at Starbucks being completed addicted to their new Cascara Cold Brew Cold Foam drink. It not only comes with a cool ass lid (which is half my addiction) but it also has what I like to think A Coffee Lovers Flavor Profile.

The Cascara Cold Brew Cold Foam is slightly sweet, with the perfect taste of a light sweet foam sitting on top, so if you’re a black coffee drinker you get what you want, and if you’re not, makes you think “Why haven’t I been drinking a black coffee more often?!”

My closest Starbucks is a beautiful 15 min walk away on a good day, and the longest 45 minute walk when I have my kids in tow. It’s summertime, MY-KIDS-ARE-ALWAYS-IN-TOW!

So the solution – SAVE TIME AND MONEY – DO IT AT HOME!


10oz Espresso Grind (MUST be an Espresso Grind)
14 cups of water

A container slightly larger than 1 gallon
Cheese Cloth or Coffee Strainer (Some people call it a coffee Sock)

IMG_4806[1]1. Put 14 cups of water into your container. This container should have a lid.
2. Slowly incorporate the 10oz ground package of Espresso Ground coffee. (I used Bustelo because it has a deep flavor that stands up great in a coffee concentrate. As your ice melts you won’t lose your coffee’s flavor)
3. Using a wooden spoon stir and incorporate until it appears all the coffee has been mixed completely into the water.
4. Cover and let sit on a counter for at least 8 hours to overnight. My sweet point seems to be 14 hours. (Mostly its where my patience ends and I need to just get it ready for the next day.

Straining your cold brew. (2 methods)
* A majority of the grinds should be firmly packed at the bottom by the time its ready to strain. Don’t over stir or mix at this point. You want to deal with as little grinds during the straining method as possible.
* This is just my “I refuse to buy a fancy kit when I’m a kitchen Macgyver! There are fancy kits you can buy that can make this process easier.

Cheesecloth Straining:
1. Place your cheesecloth in colander. Place that colander over the another container so that as you pour your coffee through it collects the grinds and let’s your coffee drip through. (The slower you pour the better.)
* You could also ladle this mixture instead of doing a whole pour. I prefer the ladle method – It results in dealing with less grinds during the straining step)
2. Once all your mixture has been poured, gather the cheese cloth and give it a good squeeze to get all your cold brew out.
3. Throw the grounds out, rinse the cloth of all grounds and do one more pass of the coffee to ensure a complete grind free coffee.

Coffee Sock
coffee sock1. Place the coffee sock over your container and ladle the cold brew through your coffee sock. (This method goes pretty quickly at first because the top of the cold brew mix will be free of coffee grinds)
2. As you get towards the bottom and the drip slows down, feel free to use your hands to squeeze and help the drip along. (you may need to empty your coffee socks a few time towards the end of the straining process.)
3. Give the Coffee Sock a good rinse and pass your coffee through one more time just to make sure that you have removed all grinds from your coffee.

Making Cold Foam

This process requires a strong blender, or a tool called a Frother. You can skip the cold foam part and enjoy your delicious iced coffee.

Starbucks uses Skim-Milk or Fat Free milk to make the foam! It’s hard to believe but true! I didn’t have either on hand so I used Full Fat milk (Whole Milk) – The only difference it takes more patience and a bit longer to get the foam. But same great results.

The secret to Cold Foam in a Blender? (I have Ninja Blender – I could mxi cement in that thing starting from straight rocks) – THE PULSE! It’s important to pulse. That’s how you incorporate the air into the milk to get you a good frothy foam.

1. 1/3 cup of milk in a single serve blender cup
2. Place your single Serve cup on your blender base
3. Process fast for 30 seconds then begin to pulse.

Blend – wait for the milk to fall to the bottom and Pulse. You want to pulse in 3 counts
and continue this process for 1 -2 mins. (If you’re using Skim or FF Milk this will be a faster process)

“Monica.. WTF does that mean?! ”

Press the button, count to 3 – release, and count to 3 – press the button, and count to 3 – release and count to 3 – Rinse repeat for 1-2 mins (If using whole milk – Low Fat Milk will come together faster).

No one said being extra wouldn’t require work :: insert eye roll::

* Building Your Home Made Cascara Cold Brew Cold Foam *

The coffee is slightly sweetened at starbucks. Pour your delicious cold brew coffee into your glass and stir in a small amount of sugar. I added about 1/2 teaspoon to my 6oz serving (If you’re a condiment borrower [no judgement] that is the same as 1 borrowed pre-packed sugar pack)

Grab a glass that holds at least 12oz of liquid
Add 3-4 ice cubes
Pour in your pre-sweetened cold brew
Grab your fancy homemade cold foam and spoon the foam on top of your beverage

*Giggle* and say “you bishes aint as fancy as me” and walk away proud!
Then tag me on IG if you try it! @monirodimusprime





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