My Mornings – It’s fine… It’s totally fine..

Mornings are my own version of the old Nickelodeon show Double Dare. Remember that show? It was where contestants were asked a series of ridiculous questions and if they didn’t know the answer they could instead take a physical challenge. That’s my morning.

My almost 4 year old machine gunning questions faster than I can answer them.  I then take the Physical Challenge! The game is called NYC Stairmageddon!

My obstacle course is a:
♥ Three flight segmented NYC wall-up apartment building
♥ Followed by a two block trek to the longest flights of stairs known to man.
♥ All while carrying a stroller and adorable chunky baby motivating a almost 4 year old to just keep moving.
♥ Then to stand on a double open elevated subway platform, with what feels like an       unpredictable unleashed puppy to wait for a speeding train to take us to school!

Everyday. Twice a day!

Then I win! I get to start my work day! Winner-winner chicken dinner! Where’s my #citymomlife trophy! ♥

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